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The PTHS Mission

The Passenger Train Historical Society is devoted to the Presentation
and Exhibition of Passenger Train History

Our goal is to promote the knowledge of the significant history of railroad passenger cars and trains. This includes the historical cars and trains of past centuries and of the present day Amtrak and commuter railroad operations, as well as the developing high speed rail operations. These goals are met through our activities, conferences, symposiums, field trips, excursions, and by communication through our website and future newsletters. The exchange of knowledge by education at our activities and the participation of the membership in this exchange will help us learn more of the history of passenger trains in different areas and eras.

The PTHS has been under development since 2008 by those interested in the presentation, preservation, and exhibition of railroad passenger operational history. Presently, the PTHS is growing and will be managed by a five person Board of Directors which is selected from the membership at large. Many passenger train historians and excursion train operators and organizations are members.

The organization has a website and plans to publish an annual newsletter, with interesting articles, and news of historical events related to passenger trains that are of interest to the membership. The newsletter will feature articles provided from members and some featured contributors among the most knowledgeable in their field.

Our annual conference is held in late April or early May and coincides with the creation of Amtrak which was formed from the remaining passenger train operators on May 1, 1971. It is attended by many of America’s most successful rail passenger historians and the average railfan who wishes to learn about the great history of railroad passenger train operations. Many authors, artists, and photographers are regular exhibitors at the conferences and symposiums and offer many opportunities for networking and friendships to develop at these events. The PTHS annual meeting is one of many enjoyable railroad events held by the organization.

Future chapters can have regional events, or may focus on a particular railroad, such as Amtrak or commuter railroad operations. We intend to work closely with other historical societies and organizations.

If you are interested in passenger train history and like passenger cars, then you should consider membership with the


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